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Local,Fresh,Chef-Driven,Diverse, Culinary Concepts prepared in Open Kitchens
Craft Cocktails
 Great Beer + Wine Selections



The Power+Ice Food Hall is about to break ground in the Argenta Plaza and plans to serve as a launch pad for six restaurant concepts offering a wide range of variety and quality cuisines focused on authenticity and freshness. The upscale eatery will showcase the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of an array of cuisines made in open kitchens where the art of cooking is on display. The open air hub owns/manages the bar and beverage offerings allowing the restaurateurs/chef partners to focus solely on their 5-20 item menu, eliminating the burden of running an entire restaurant thus reducing the cost of entry.

Projected Spring 2020 Opening!


We are currently seeking select independent chef/operators as tenants for this high traffic food hall.

Want more information? Read F.A.Q.'s!


-All types of independent operators

-Local chef driven concepts

-Local restaurateurs looking to expand their brand 

-Food truck operators wanting restaurant space

-Caterers looking to expand their operations

-Perfect for motivated chefs ready to branch up or out

Now Accepting Vendor Applications 

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Bartenders, Barbacks,

Porters, Bussers and Managers

Good Pay Plus Benefits!

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We Provide:  All in 250SF!

Exhaust hoods with ansul, hand sink, floor drain, walk-in-cooler, dry storage, counters, prep tables, POS system, stubs in utilities for plumbing/wiring and the facade on which to mount signage. Our leases include utilities, common areas including dish room, trash, large dining room and clean restrooms, building taxes and insurance, maintenance on what we provide, WIFI, umbrella marketing, and security monitoring. We anticipate large crowds daily driving traffic to your stalls. Our leases are percentage of sales that allow us to be fully vested with the success of our tenants.  Essentially, we provide a turn-key space into a huge opportunity for select operators.



What are Food Halls?

Food halls have become places for diners to find a wider choice of food and drink options, at a range of price points, all under the same roof. They provide a sense of permanence that street food stalls cannot always offer while serving up the same exciting food in an environment that is as comfortable as it is convivial. Imagine a fleet of trendy food trucks has crashed through your local food court, and you’ll get the idea. Food halls offer a dynamic, informal and interesting way of dining, that works for modern customers and appeals to single diners, couples, families and large groups. In an age when choice is king, we have the very best independent chefs all under one roof.


Who is Developing the Power+Ice Food Hall?

Brian & Eric Isaac – owners and operators of Ristorante Capeo.


So Why Exactly is it Called the Power + Ice Food Hall?

In 1897 the North Little Rock Electric Light Plant & Ice Factory stood in the exact location of the building that will occupy the Power+Ice Food Hall. The new building is named after the original building. This was a time period before electric refrigerators. Ice took a lot of power to produce. The electric plant created a profitable ice factory for the public to use in their “ice boxes” to preserve food for daily consumption. By 1913, the railroad expansion required the business to move its location to what is now 8th and Main Street.


What is the Vision for the Food Offerings at Power + Ice Food Hall?

Six of the area’s most talented chefs all under one roof! Inspired to create food and drink concepts using fresh local ingredients, and an emphasis on sustainable practices. An incubator for local culinary talent, providing a space for chefs to experiment and collaborate. Small menus focus on high-quality dishes and the freshest ingredients in a casual setting (and a casual price point!). A centralized bar offers craft cocktails, beer from local brewers, and hand-selected wines. The bar and hall is surrounded by lots of communal seating that creates a friendly, inclusive atmosphere where everyone is welcome. Power + Ice Food Hall is open all day for dining, drinks, celebrations, meetings, a quiet place to work or a quick bite on the go.


Ultimately, our vision was to bring a food hall to Argenta that provides diverse, high-quality, low-impact food at a great price in an authentic, inclusive environment. Our general plan includes leasing six restaurant spaces while maintaining ownership and operating the bar for the entire hall. Food offerings will be a series of smaller spaces serving high quality, chef-driven specialty foods with a wide range of diversity at affordable prices typically found in food halls serving food counter-style.  Our collective goal is ‘best in class’ in all offerings.  Essentially, providing a turn-key space into a huge business opportunity for select operators.


Where is Power + Ice Food Hall located?

Power + Ice Food Hall is in the 500 block of Main Street in the Argenta Plaza District. It will occupy the bottom floor of the new Power+Ice building located next to the new Argenta Plaza. Situated between the central business core, the fastest growing residential population and large-scale business expansions, the food hall is poised to be a social gathering place generating high-foot traffic and economic engine for the food and beverage industry in North Little Rock for years to come.


How do I Apply to Become a Vendor at the Power+Ice Food Hall?

Simply visit powerandice.com and we’ll email you an application (until we update our site).


We will always be accepting new applications for future tenants in the Power+Ice launch program. Eventually, each storefront start and end date will be staggered, so the program is designed to have frequent openings, and we will plan to pull from our pool of vetted, viable, and ready applicants. Applicants are placed on a waiting list and evaluated as existing stalls become available.


Application deadline for the first launch, which will initially fill all six restaurant stalls, is Friday, November 1, 2019*. In person interviews and potential tastings will take place over the subsequent 4 weeks and businesses will be selected and notified by Monday, December 2, 2019*. The first cohort of Power+Ice Launch Chef/Operators will have at least four months to prepare for their openings. The Food Hall & Bar is expected to open Spring 2020. *dates subject to change


How do you Select the Chef/Operators?

All potential applicant information will be handled confidentially. Within the application, you will be asked to present a proposal which will detail your concept. We don't discriminate in employment opportunities or practices based on race, ancestry, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, citizenship, military service obligation, veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local laws.


The restaurants will be vetted based on their menu offerings, reputation and concept and who we consider might be the best ‘neighbors’. We will offer a well-rounded dining experience to our guests by selecting concepts that complement each other and provide different styles and flavors of food. Power + Ice Food Hall will reflect the best of food trends, innovations and exciting offerings unique to Arkansas. The success of the food hall hinges on the synergy of a carefully curated, diverse line-up of vendors.


Through a thorough and rigorous process, we select concepts for our space based on uniqueness, viability, and durability. We take into consideration the extent to which each potential chef-owner has developed their brand concept, business model, and operations as well as their ties to the community and ability to staff their concepts with a strong local team.


What Will a Typical Food Stall Look Like?

Each vendor will present its own unique personality in approximately 300 square feet.

Each stall is equipped with exhaust hoods with Ansul, hand sink, three compartment sink, floor drain & walk-in-cooler, health department approved kitchen, dry storage, counters, prep tables, POS system, stubs in utilities for equipment and the facade on which to mount signage. Each stall’s design must be approved for certain design criteria that develops a personalized look and feel that is both eye-catching and unique.


How Much Will This Cost a Tenant in Build-Out and Overall Cost of Opening?

It is our estimation that the Tenant might spend within a range of $10,000-$30,000 to upfit their stall, obtain all the permits and licenses required to operate a restaurant within the city, county and state and provide for equipment costs. We will not be providing any improvement allowances due to our provision of the duct work, utilities, coolers, floor drains and scullery services. The vendors overall costs will be miniscule compared to a full restaurant buildout and overall size considerations – as well as not having to provide or maintain seating, bars or other guest accommodations, such as

restrooms. Regardless of the challenges, startup restaurant entrepreneurs may find this opportunity hard to overlook due to the significant benefits that the opportunity presents. Especially combined with a constant flow of guests that will most certainly be considered a captive audience. Thereby, eliminating the burden of running an entire restaurant thus reducing the cost of entry.


What Does a Chef/Restaurateur Need to Bring “To the Table”?

Power+Ice Food Hall exists to break down barriers in a historically restrictive industry and serve as a launch pad for the next exciting new restaurant concepts in the city. Within our space, talented aspiring chefs and restaurateurs can launch their restaurant concept for a fraction of what it would cost to open a traditional brick and mortar. Additionally, each stall operator will secure their own health and business permits required to operate. Chefs have the freedom to hire their own staff, create their own menu, and run their businesses the way they’ve always dreamed of.


What about General Maintenance/Upkeep and Trash Removal?

Power + Ice Food Hall provides trash handling facility on site.  In addition, we provide porters to keep the general area and all common areas clean and accessible.  Each stall operator will be responsible for and expected to maintain their areas with a high level of cleanliness and attention to detail.  Power + Ice Food Hall will manage all waste removal from the common waste area.


What Will the Lease Terms Look Like?

We collect 20-30% (depending on the length of term) of the top line revenue and in turn provide advertising, common areas including dish room, trash area, large dining room and clean restrooms, large upscale bar with a general manager, all non-alcoholic beverages,  pet-friendly patio seating, building taxes and insurance, maintenance of what we provide, WIFI, POS system, umbrella marketing, security monitoring, space upkeep, free parking and all utility costs. Additionally, we support the chef-owners in building their brands and encourage their future success in the industry by providing them with the resources to thrive within our walls and beyond.


We also plan to assist/refer vendors in areas of need, such as: accounting services, marketing and online offerings and general operational needs. Percentage rents allow us to be more vested with the success of our tenants.


What are the Hours of Operation?

All chef/vendors are required to be open for business during the kitchen hours.  Select vendors can open earlier for breakfast crowds but all to be open for lunch and dinner.


Kitchen hours:

Monday  – Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Friday - Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Our cocktails, wine, and beer bar is open during kitchen hours, extending to 12 a.m. on Fridays – Saturdays.

Our coffee and espresso bar is open on Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., and Sunday 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.


What Else do I Need to Know?

We will constantly promote signature events to highlight the overall food hall and drive traffic into the vendors’ establishments. We will start with live music, daily happy hour specials and distributor promotions. Entertainment like cooking demos, musical acts, comedy troupes, and other seasonal events aim to bring foot traffic in daily.


Consider that the best competitive advantage is that we will be the only restaurant with proximity to the plaza. It is going to be a place that people will want to be and visit often. With a park like feel combined with sophistication and a plethora of neat features and planned events, the plaza is our front yard. The plaza itself will be a designated public space much like that of a park. The food hall is to complement the city-owned, $5.36 million Argenta Plaza, the 42,000-square-foot public plaza is to feature jetted fountains and a 20-foot-high, 50-foot-long cascading water wall. We will be the only restaurant on the grounds. Our price range will be affordable.


In addition, by year end, new business expansions will be operational. There will be at least 300 new high-tech jobs within a stone’s throw, they must eat somewhere. The NLR Visitor Bureau is relocating to one of the buildings under construction. Last year they alone had over 10,000 visitors. They advised most times the guests asked where to eat. We will be located next door. The recent completion of Thrive (163 units) upscale apartments, along with Argenta Flats (160), Metropolitan (230), City Grove Townhomes (57) and the neighborhood (200+), we figure amounts to over 2000+ heads in beds, The Baker, newly renovated bed and breakfast (6) and the future AIRBNB (14) directly above us. Customers can visit the same locale multiple times a week and never have the same meal or even visit the same restaurant.